Our Process

At Crucible Development Labs our processes are designed to empower your company to move faster, your technology to run smoother, and your clients to have a more meaningful connection to your brand.
There of 4 steps of our business, Discovery, Plan of action, Execution and Finally Measure and Refine. Discovery contains the following sub words, Product Ideation and Market Sounding. Plan of Action contains Timelines, Requirements, Market Research and Competitor Analysis. Execute contains Development and Implementation. Measure and Refine contians Refine KPI's and Continue Executing.

We Follow 4 Guiding Principals:

  • 1. Discovery

    We determine your business need, problem or opportunity and brainstorm ways our team can provide the solutions. We examine the current market to optimize your time, money and results.

  • 2. Plan of Action

    The sequence of steps that must be taken or actions performed to achieve the end objectives

  • 3. Execute

    Professional development and implementation of the plan of action to accomplish desired results

  • 4. Measure and Refine

    Analysis of initial data outcome followed by KPI refinement to enhance future results as execution continues.


Business Foundations Process

The Business Foundations Process is all about helping you learn more about your business or product and what it will take to move from the current plateau and into the desired hockey stick growth curve.

Cartoon image of a guy thinking on a desk.

Software Development Process

When it comes to software, having process and a plan is a must. We have different processes for Custom Software Development, Software Support, Mobile, and Websites to ensure that you’ve not being pigeon toed by someone’s “one-size fits all” approach.


Marketing Process

Marketing is the lifeblood of your company and without a concrete process to manage your marketing strategy, it is a guarantee that your company will flounder. Whether you need a little help on social media or need a strategy from the ground up, our team is here to ensure your success.

Marketing funnel containing the words from top to bottom of the funnel, Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation and Purchase