User Insights & Analytics

Data and analytics build off of each other to deliver valuable insights into your user base. Analytics (mathematically synthesized metrics) illuminate business conditions and directional changes over time and are a crucial part of formulating business strategies. By obtaining user insights through data analytics, Crucible Development Labs is able to implement the appropriate marketing tactics for your business, and optimize your ROI.

Website Analytics

Website analytics provide valuable insight about the performance of your web page. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes enables us to optimize your web page for key conversion metrics and create a better user experience for your customers. Website analytics provide significant information that give us the necessary data to increase your metrics, month after month.

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Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is a popular form of visual analytics that use color instantly convey information about the activity of users on your website. The colors are generated by a heat map showing where uers are scanning, clicking, and more importantly... where they are not.

  • Mouse Movement

    Also called "Hover Maps" or "Attention Maps", these heat maps identify parts of the screen that users hover over most with their cursor.

  • Mouse Scrolling

    These maps display a visual representation of areas that site visitors spent most of their time viewing and how they scroll the site. It provides marketers the average site viewing time & number of views for different parts of the web page.

  • Mouse Clicking

    Click maps are useful to visualise which links & buttons are most popular, but they're also useful for spotting some usability flaws. Many people also use click maps to understand where people drop-off when filling out forms. This can help you make some quick changes to the form fields to increase completion rates.


Cost-per-click advertising allows users to create a budget cap for how much they are willing to pay for each ad click within a pay-per-click campaign. By creating compelling ads, relevant to your industry, we increase your quality score, click through rates and expand and refine your reach. Crucible Development Labs works to lower your cost-per-click pricing while maintaining premium value.

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Email Reporting

Understanding email reporting is one of the most cost-effective methods for gaining insight about your target audience. Open rates, click-through rates and A/B tests let you know what your customers respond to, and what they don’t. Through continuous data analysis, our team works to enhance your email marketing efforts and increase effectiveness with every campaign.

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