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Mobile App Development Services


Cut production cost and increase delivery time with cross-platform apps that operate consistently across all iOS and Android devices.


Full-service iOS mobile app development following Apple's best practices to achieve maximum efficiency and a polished UI.


Android app creation from initial ideation to development and launch, embracing the latest technologies to deliver a lightning-fast experience.

What is your mobile roadmap and what are the options?

Choosing a mobile strategy and roadmap can be one of the most intimidating technology decisions for a company, however with 60% of traffic coming through mobile devices today it is also one of the most important decisions a company must make.

Native apps are platform specific (iOS, Android, Windows, Etc…) coded in a platform specific language. Due to being designed for a specific device, native apps have access to use other features present on the device, such as the camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. The benefits of native apps include: high performance, ultimate user experience, and full support from the manufacturers. The cons of native app development are higher development and maintenance costs, lengthy development time, and the need for frequent upgrades with every updated software package from the manufacturer.

Cross-platform apps are developed with one code base to be used over multiple platforms. With today’s progressive technologies we’re able to deliver an application that runs on iOS, Android, and as a Progressive Web Application all from the same base code. The advantages of building a cross-platform application include: cost-effectiveness, reduced development time, exposure to many users, and new feature update synchronization. The cons of cross-platform development are higher chance of performance issues, limited access to low level hardware, and the standard User Interface for all platforms.

If your company is working on its mobile strategy or you already know that you have a need for a solution, our team would be glad to share our insights with you!


Discovery & Requirements

During the Discovery and Requirements Phase we send time getting to know the ins and outs of every business goal and business rule that is needed to make your system a success for both you and your clients. We document all the known requirement before starting development to ensure that the development team has a clear path to success and that your business rules are implemented properly.

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User Interface Design

A well-designed interface will provide the user with an easy and efficient experience. We aim to create clear functionality for users with experience of any level. Our goal is to ensure a design that is aesthetically appealing, and that anyone using the application will be able to easily navigate, accomplish their goals and recommend the application to others.

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Development Sprints

During development we stay in tune with our clients to make sure we are developing exactly what they need. Crucible Development Labs customizes and migrates software solutions for specific needs and domains. We offer application testing, integration with the existing environment and software deployment.

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Manual & Automated QA

Manual, semi-automated and automated functional testing services to ensure that both front-end and back-end components of the application work properly and as initially designed. We provide performance review, compatibility, usability analysis, security and more to guarantee optimal performance.

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