Software Support

Software Maintenance Services

Professional development support and planned software maintenance is the best way to reduce your software systems Total Cost of Ownership and ensure new feature delivery and long-term system optimization. Our team at Crucible Development Labs focuses on ensuring availability (Up-time) of the system to your clients, security of your data, and ease of development on new features needed for business growth.

Software Technologies We Support

PHP Systems

Whether your systems uses Laravel, Cake, Yii, another PHP framework, or is hand rolled from the ground up without a framework, we have a support plan for you.

JavaScript Focused System

If you've developed your system within NodeJS, Angular, VueJS, React, or any another one of the great Javascript frameworks, our team is equipped to handle your needs.

IoT Systems

IoT systems are complex and require constant upgrades to stay current in today's ever-changing world. Our team is staying out front and will lead the technology charge for your software system.

Mobile Applications

If you've built and app, then you know that maintenance is required every time a new Phone or Operating System is released. Your marketing team probably wants a new feature from time to time... Let our team handle the issues for you.

Pre-Support Engagement

Pre-Support Audit

Crucible Development Labs performs software audits for all 3rd party software systems to confirm compliance with business requirements, software development best practices, industry coding standards, and other audit criteria. By performing the software support audit, we ensure software systems are ready to be passed on to support engineers. As part of the audit process, you will receive a document containing a detailed product assessment as well as recommendations for improvement. This procedure minimizes future support expenses and sets expectation up front so no surprises are behind door number 2. We also offer 3rd party audits to business owners who need another set of eyes and professional feedback on their code base.

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Support Levels

2nd and 3rd level support services for applications developed by Crucible Development Labs or by any third party vendor. Our team will help you with troubles of various complexity levels — from providing workarounds & hot fixes to security audit and source code resolution.

  • Level 2 Support

    IT Environment Support, Troubleshooting, Proactive Monitoring System Setup, Outsourced Server Administration.

  • Level 3 Support

    Software Application Code Optimization, New Feature Development, Optimization of Databases

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What we do ?

Application Maintenance

Our software development team offers professional technology support to provide optimal application performance, ensuring your applications continue to run smoothly post development. Application maintenance includes troubleshooting, project health checkups, fine tuning, continuous updates, application enhancement and much more. This allows your business to run uninterrupted while we take care of the technical work behind the scenes. Our structured retainers allow you the right amount of software development every month without blowing the budget.

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For Serious Technology Systems

Automated Development Operations

DevOps is more than just software support. We bring developers and IT specialists together to automate and monitor end-to-end software delivery. DevOps involves software development, integration, testing, delivery, and infrastructure management. The aim of DevOps is to deliver shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, efficient issue resolution, faster feature delivery, and allow cross-functionality

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